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No doubt, you’ve worked hard to save for your retirement years. We all want to live long, have good health, and make sure our money will go the distance with us. With rapid advances in medicine, we have increased longevity. Retirement can now last upwards of 30 years! That creates a demand on our retirement savings like never before!
Confidence equates to peace of mind… knowing it’s okay to take that vacation, it’s okay to spend some money for the kids or grand kids, it’s okay to go out to dinner, or play that extra round of golf.
Proper planning can make all the difference. A retirement dream can quickly turn into a nightmare, without proper planning. Let a specialized retirement advisor at SCRC help you keep your retirement dreams intact. Visit us today for a free consultation and take advantage of our Personalized Retirement Coaching Service: PRC.

Is Your Retirement Puzzle Missing Key Pieces?

Is your retirement missing pieces?

There Are 7 Key Pieces in a Successful Retirement Plan:

1) Guaranteeing a Lifetime Income: The biggest concern of all retirees is outliving your money. Learn how to create a lifetime income stream that you and your spouse cannot outlive.

2) Reduction of Taxes & Fees: Identity all fees and taxes, both known and unknown, and reduce their impact on your retirement nestegg.

3) Social Security: When is the right time to file for SS without adding to your tax burden, and without leaving money on the table for the government to keep? This segment also comes with a personalized SS taxation report, and assists you in making sure you identify and minimize the SS Tax Torpedo.

4) Medicare: This incredibly rich and affordable benefit is often misunderstood and confusing. Get a clear understanding of what Medicare is, your rights, costs, and coverage options.

5) Long / Short-Term Care Expenses: As of 2017, in California, care costs are exceeding 10,000 dollars per month in an average care facility. This can destroy your retirement savings in a short time. With increased longevity, 1 in 2 people will need some sort of care, and the average length of care is 2.5 to 3 years. Learn ways to plan for this need without burdening family members, and without destroying your savings.

6) Liability Coverage: Unexpected litigation is far more common of a retirement destroyer than people think. Learn whether a trust or a will is a better for you, and implement very inexpensive ways to protect yourself.

7) Spousal Care / Legacy to Heirs: Providing a tax-free legacy to your spouse, children, grandchildren, etc. can often be the greatest gift you can give them. Learn creative ways to protect your loved ones.

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What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You…

Here are some Not-So-Fun Retirement Facts You May Not Have Been Aware Of:

Did You Know….

  • Just the mere act of starting your SS income can generate a 3rd “stealth” tax IF you have a 401k/IRA?
  • There are over 2000 rules governing how and when to take your SS?
  • Fees that start off looking small can eventually account for 40% or more of your account losses?
  • Medicare has as permanent penalties you can be charged for life, if you file incorrectly?