About Yvette

Yvette Papazian, CEO, IAR
Investment Advisory Representative, Retirement Specialist, Senior Advocate

Yvette has been dedicated to serving retirees’ retirement planning needs since 1999. She holds multiple professional licenses and industry certifications. She now proudly serves her clients in Southern California, as a Registered Investment Advisor, specializing in helping people understand and plan for all aspects of a successful retirement. Inspired to serve retirees and seniors after caring for her elderly grandmother until her passing, Yvette comments: “I didn’t know much when it came to availability of benefits to help my grandmother. It was a very difficult time. The only help we got was hospice, and by then, it was too late. After I lost her, I dedicated my time and efforts to learning all I could, and providing that education to others. I started out as a Medicare and Social Security consultant, educating people on all the benefits that federal and state governments have to offer. I then progressed into advanced education in income and finance, and eventually developed a full-service retirement practice. If my clients retire with peace of mind, I’ve done my job well. “

Retirement Planning and the Rescue of Animals

“My philosophy is that retirement can be likened to a puzzle, with many pieces needed to make a complete picture. Taxation, Social Security, Medicare, 401k / IRA, guaranteed income streams, planning for expensive long-term care needs… these are just some of the important pieces that need to be addressed ahead of time. Thanks to advances in medicine, we are living longer and stronger, but will your money last as long as you do? It’s my job to help you make sure that it does!”

By dedicating her time and efforts to her clients, Yvette has come to be known as a trusted advisor and family friend to her clientele.
Here are a few client comments:

The Grand Canyon with friends in the retirement planning community

“She showed us that the retirement we wanted was possible, when we didn’t think that it was. Our previous advisor said our goals were way out of whack in regards to what we had currently saved, and he had pretty much dashed our hopes. Yvette showed us a totally different road, and spelled it all out in a way that was clear and understandable. We are delighted to have found her.” – William C.

“Our advisor actually fired us for not having enough money in our portfolio. This is how we were treated after years of paying this person fees upon fees and seeing little to no gains or benefits. We were bitter and had a bad taste in our mouths as regards the whole financial industry. We had the opportunity to meet with Yvette, and she not only took us on as clients, but refused to charge us any fees. She’s been a breath of fresh air, and a welcome new approach to our retirement planning.” – Michael E.

Yvette settled in beautiful San Diego, where she cares for her elderly parents. A native New Yorker, Yvette enjoys traveling, and horseback riding. In 1998 she founded a non-profit organization for dog and horse rescue. She continues down to today, working for the care and betterment of animals.